Dedicated Leaders

Dr. Li He-Shun

From Humble Roots

Born in a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Taiwan in the 1950’s, young He-Shun Li lived most of his childhood in abject poverty. There was no financial or food security in his family’s day-to-day existence. He watched, with sorrow as his father suffered from chronic “Black foot” disease, a common affliction related to poor water quality in the destitute regions of Southeast Asia. Dr. Li still recalls the hardships, poverty and sickness of those days in Taiwan, when isolated communities such as his were often hit by severe events beyond their control. His many challenging childhood experiences fostered his lifelong compassion and caring for the wellbeing of others.

A Calling to Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr. Li was a mere teenager when his parents both died prematurely. Determined to help his remaining family members, he left his village in search of a better life. With a keen interest in health, he was immediately attracted to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believing that TCM held the answers to many health problems.

He longed to bring better health and nutritional improvements to his community and to the world. The sad memory of his own family’s experiences, motivated him to discover ways that would prevent others from experiencing similar problems.

Along his path to helping others, Dr. Li’s first step was apprenticing at a Chinese pharmacy. It was here that he began learning the many intricacies of Chinese herbal medicine and the philosophy that surrounds this traditional practice. He was eager to learn everything that he could about Chinese Traditional Medicine. He devoted himself to this ancient science, working hard and studying diligently to become educated in the art of using natural Chinese medicines and herbs.

Through his dedicated study and work, Dr. Li became a respected professional Chinese medical practitioner. Within a few years, he was able to open his own Chinese medical clinic where he practiced traditional medicine for eight years.

A Clear Vision

Dr Li’s entrepreneurial spirit did not allow him to be satisfied with his practice only. He often dreamt of developing  a health product that could enhance people’s wellbeing at the same time that it would improve their standard of living.

Based on his experience as a practitioner, he became intrigued by the use of ginseng and began to research the many benefits and features of this promising traditional herb.

He soon recognized in ginseng, the key to both health and prosperity.  Dr. Li envisioned a golden opportunity to embrace a genuinely healthier, wealthier way of life. Not just for himself, but for thousands of others, too!

This clear vision led him to develop a ginseng product that could improve people’s health at the same time that it could advance their financial status.

Affirming “the meaning of life” became Dr. Li’s mission and he steered all aspects of the development of his product and the growth of his business according to it.

Bing Han Begins

Using his own money, Dr. Li officially launched his premier product, Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder in January 1991.  Soon thereafter he formed Bing Han Co. Ltd. and became its President.

That same year Dr. Li held the first “opportunity meeting” (OPP)  at a small rented office in Taipei. He had the help of two others who wholeheartedly believed in his vision. They were Ms. Jacky Chen Lee-Yu (who became General Manager) and Mr. Lai Jang-Yi (who became Manager).

Growing the Business

“Perseverance reaped rewards,” says Dr. Li as he recalls those early days. “My success is a testament to the impact that Bing Han can have in every individual’s life.”

Wedding the traditions of Asian ginseng use  with Western business practices, Dr. Li founded an uniquely inspired company that believes that “good health is good business.”

A modern entrepreneur with traditional work ethics, Dr. Li still makes time for public service and numerous charities. His devotion to various organizations, his love for family, and his principled success have earned for him the utmost respect from colleagues and associates.

Ms. Jacky Lee-Yu Chen

Some people have a magical way of making wonderful things happen. Ms. Jacky Lee-Yu Chen, is one of those people, which has earned her the nickname, “the magician.” Prior to joining Bing Han Ms. Chen experienced various health problems, including job-related stress.

Years of poor health and worry had taken their toll on her physically and emotionally. Soon after coming under the training and guidance provided by Dr. Li, Ms Chen literally became a new person. Her health improved significantly; she no longer dreaded each day. She had ample energy and she believed in herself again! She left her stressful employment and began to do what she loved most. She began to share her personal, life-changing Bing Han story with others.

Like magic, several of her friends and acquaintances became Bing Han distributors under Ms. Chen. That marked the beginning of a new era for this transformed woman. As a role model for other women, Ms. Chen now travels the world, sharing her many stories. Stories of successes and challenges. Stories of overcoming health problems. Stories of building a better life. This petite woman, affectionately called “The Magician,” is a powerhouse of energy. She works tirelessly to train and support Bing Han partners all over the world in developing and expanding new markets. “Set firm resolve to persist” is the philosophical motto Ms. Chen uses to motivate and encourage Bing Han distributors worldwide. Leading by example, Ms. Chen’s hard work, determination and a sense of humour make knowing her a magical and uplifting experience.

Mr. Desmond Liew

The first thing you notice about Mr. Desmond Liew is that he is deeply passionate about everything to do with Bing Han. Walking into a room with a big smile on his face, he can’t wait to tell you something new and wonderful about the company and its ginseng.

Concerned about the health of his parents, Mr. Liew was immediately attracted by the Bing Han promise of improved health. After meeting Ms. Chen and attending many OPP meetings, he became a man with a mission – to introduce the Bing Han ginseng product to the world.

But that’s not all. Desmond is also dedicated to spreading  the unique  “spirit” of the worldwide Bing Han community.

And his results speak for themselves. Unafraid of what others might call the handicaps of  cultural and language differences, Desmond steadfastly believes that “nothing can stop a company’s success if it has a good product and efficient operating systems.

Mr. Liew’s passionate leadership, intelligence and determination have proven him right. With his help, Bing Han has expanded far beyond Taiwan to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Canada and the United States.